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Chief Operating Officer

at HfS Research - The Services Research Company


Bram Weerts

Bram Weerts is responsible for setting the culture, instilling the passion, and shaping the success within Sales, Marketing, Services, Finance, and Operations.


Over the past 17 years, Bram has lived and worked in multiple European countries and in North America where he held senior positions for numerous global brand.


Bram has extensive experience in both the analyst and advisor relations sectors. From 2007 to 2008 he worked for the Gartner Group, and from 2010 to 2014, he was the Co-Founder and CEO of Kea Company. As the CEO, he led several mergers and acquisitions (Lighthouse AR, and SageCircle) making Kea Company one of the leading firms worldwide in supporting businesses with Analyst and Influencer Relations. Kea Company is also responsible for organizing the largest Analyst Relations conference in Europe.


As a seasoned business advisor and management consultant, he worked with more than 30 technology research and advisory firms, many that are active in the IT, BPO and Services industries.


Although a Dutch citizen Bram and his family currently live in Cambridge, UK. If he is not home with his beloved wife and kids, he is traveling the world serving the amazing HfS clients. Bram is an alumnus of Harvard Kennedy School of Executive Education.


President, Global Sourcing Association

CEO, Global Sourcing Association UK


Kerry Hallard

Kerry Hallard - is the President of the Global Sourcing Association and CEO of the Global Sourcing Association UK. Kerry previously held the titles of CEO of the National Outsourcing Association and Director of the European Outsourcing Association and recently led the organisations’ highly successful global rebrand.


Kerry’s focus is on growing the reach and the positive reputation of the sourcing industry globally, through the development and dissemination of standards and qualifications. Kerry recently established the GSA’s Standard Advisory Group, enlisting representation from 20 countries around the world, as well as senior buyers, service providers and accreditation partners.


Kerry’s career spans over 20 years in strategic consultancy and corporate communications in the high-tech and business-to-business arena, representing companies to include: ICL; Lexmark; IBM; KPN Qwest; Avaya; Crystal Decisions and Cincom.


Kerry received an MBA from Kingston Business School in 2004.

Prior to commencing her career in communications, Kerry worked in Eagle Star Insurance Services IT department. Kerry graduated from the University of the West of England with a BA Hons in Modern Languages and Information Systems.

EMEA Service Leader, Global Location Strategies, Deloitte


Elias van Herwaarden

Elias Van Herwaarden has 26 years' experience with international sourcing, corporate expansion and restructuring. He provided location strategy advice to over 500 multinationals and led sourcing projects for 100 SSCs and GBS centers.


He conducted field work in 44 countries and over 250 cities worldwide and regularly speaks and publishes on shared services and foreign direct investment. An engineer by education, he lectures International Business Strategy at KU Leuven University and Brussels University College.

Partner, Global Sourcing, Everest Group


Hanumantha Rao Karthik

He leads Everest Group’s Global Sourcing practice, which includes Global Location Optimization practice, work with Global In-house Centers and country associations. He has significant experience supporting leading global companies in optimizing their location, sourcing model and offshoring strategies. He is a recognized global expert and is a renowned speaker at international conferences. He leads both advisory and published research across multiple global sourcing topics and brings a unique blend of industry, consulting and research experience.

ABSL Diamonds

Gala Awards


MARCH 21ST, 2017,

Gala - Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw

Afterparty - Hala Koszyki, Warsaw

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ABSL is the leading business service association in Central and Eastern Europe. ABSL associates more than 180 top investors and supports the growth of the industry nationwide.

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You can contribute to ABSL Diamonds project by becoming our Partner. For more information, please contact Organizers.


— 300 EUR per person for member companies

— 400 EUR per person for non-member companies


* the ticket price will be paid in PLN, exchange rate EUR/PLN=4,33

ABSL Diamonds

Gala Awards


MARCH 21ST, 2017,

Gala - Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw

Afterparty - Hala Koszyki, Warsaw