1st Edition Summary



250+ present at the gala

CEO's, talented managers and personalities from both private and public sector.

The first edition of ABSL Diamonds drew attention to what is most important for the sector - its companies and outstanding projects created by them.

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national coverage



110 hi-quality projects

Media like Rzeczpospolita have been a patron for the event and ensured a national reach.

Projects that were sent in generated a positive buzz and were shared and used by the industry leaders.





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ABSL Diamonds

Gala Awards


MARCH 21ST, 2017,

Gala - Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw

Afterparty - Hala Koszyki, Warsaw

about absl



ABSL is the leading business service association in Central and Eastern Europe. ABSL associates more than 180 top investors and supports the growth of the industry nationwide.

Contact & Partnership



You can contribute to ABSL Diamonds project by becoming our Partner. For more information, please contact Organizers.


— 300 EUR per person for member companies

— 400 EUR per person for non-member companies


* the ticket price will be paid in PLN, exchange rate EUR/PLN=4,33